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Research Papers

The Heterogeneous Effects of Government Spending: It's all About Taxes

-with Axelle Ferriere.  October 2023: Draft -- Slides  - accepted Review of Economic Studies

Escaping the Losses from Trade: The Impact of Heterogeneity and Skill Acquisition

-with Axelle Ferriere and Ricardo Reyes-Heroles.  October 2021: Draft - Slides

Self-fulfilling Debt Crises with Long-Stagnations

-with Joao Ayres, Juan Pablo Nicolini, and  Pedro Teles. February 2023: Draft - revision requested Journal of Political Economy

Monetary Operating Procedures in the Fed Funds Market: Theory, Evidence, and Policy Analysis

-with Ricardo Lagos. November 2023 Draft  - NBER working paper

Research in Progress

Cross-Sectional Labor Dynamics After a Foreign Shock 
The Unemployment Accelerator

-with Andres Blanco.  March 2017: Draft -- Slides


Sectoral Shocks, Reallocation, and Labor Market Policies

-with Joaquin Garcia-Cabo and Anna Lipinska. May 2023: Draft - forthcoming European Economic Review -- Working Paper

On the Optimal Design of Transfers and Income-Tax Progressivity

-with Axelle Ferriere, Philipp Grübener, and Oliko Vardishvili.  March 2023: Draft - Slides - forthcoming JPE Macro

Foreign Effects of Higher U.S. Interest Rates

-with Matteo IacovielloJournal of International Money and Finance, vol 95, pp. 232-250, pp. 232-250, July 2019  link --  Working Paper -- Slides

                                 Bloomberg article

Sovereign Default: The Role of Expectations

-with Joao Ayres, Juan Pablo Nicolini, and Pedro TelesJournal of Economic Theory, vol 175, pp. 803-812, 2018.  link -- Working Paper -- Slides

The Argentine Economy After Two Centuries

-with Francisco Buera and Juan Pablo Nicolini.    Latin American Journal of Economics 2011, Vol 48: 133-156.  link

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